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Teflon Products - Carbon Products - Electric Heating - Silicone
Insulating Materials - Cutting Boards - Storage Equipment - and more ..

Teflon Products:

Teflon in forms of rods, sheets, machined pieces.
Industrial Teflon belts for various industries.

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Paper Converting Industry Textile Printing Textile Dryers
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Food Industry Garment Industry  

Carbon Products:
Carbon brushes for electrical uses.
Carbon for mechanical applications: bearings, sealing rings, and vanes.

Electric Heating:
Nickel Chrome wires, and ribbons.
Thermostats, thermocouples, and Heat controllers.
Heating insulation materials: ceramic fibers, blankets, and panels.
Industrial Heaters: cartridge, band, and tubular.

Sheets, tubes, profiles.
Glass Coated with silicon for belts, and curtains.

Insulating Materials:
Electrical insulating materials for high and medium voltage machines.
Mica and Micanite products, sheets, and tubes.
Glass Tape, Banding Tape.
Insulating varnishes, and resins.

Cutting Boards:
Used for cutting presses in the textile and shoe industries.

Storage Equipment:
Slotted angle shelving in various forms and dimensions.
Long span racking.
Palletized racking for large stores.
Mobile shelving.
Lockers for hotels, schools, hospitals, clubs.